Our typical development is based on the agile development concept of SCRUM The salient features of this methodology are

  • Iterative & Incremental dev framework
  • Release product in cycles starting from most core component for the customer
  • Accommodate changes as and when required
  • 14-20 day cycles to deliver working increments
  • Start with all project requirements called the Product Backlog
  • From that based on priority derive the tasks to be done within one sprint (14-20) day cycle called the Sprint Backlog
  • Daily release from 5th day of a sprint
  • Daily status update – SCRUM meetings to update the customer on the status
  • Daily functional and automated unit tests
  • Daily continuous integration]
  • Release delivery at the end of 14-20 day cycle
  • User does UAT (User Acceptance Tests) for a cooling period of 4 days from day of delivery
  • Issue / Bug Reporting / Feedback from user during cooling period
  • The process release till all components is delivered
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